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Manufactured in South Africa™ supports South African manufacturers (with headquarters and/or main factories in South Africa) by helping them take advantage of the provenance of South African products. We promote South African manufacturing to businesses and consumers in South Africa, Africa and overseas.

This application form must be completed by the business owner, a Company Director or person authorised to act on their behalf. Before you complete the form and make payment, we recommend you click on and read our Terms & Conditions. We may request to visit your manufacturing facility at any time.

Manufactured in South Africa™ membership fees are R100 per month (month-to-month) or R900 per annum.

To ensure that all our members are legitimately manufacturing in South Africa, and have control over a factory, studio or workshop, we will keep a record of the CK registration number of your business that you provide us with upon application. All business registration numbers will be reviewed as part of our authentication process.

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